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Child Care Access Means Parents in School

The Child Care Access Means Parents in School (CCAMPIS) program supports eligible student-parents with affordable childcare and academic support.


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Teacher showing student colors in a coloring book

What We Do

CCAMPIS supports student-parents by helping with child care needs and providing student success programming.
Graduating mother hugging her daughter

Who We Serve

Eligible KU undergraduate and graduate students who have a child enrolled at Hilltop Child Development Center.

Omar Williams smiling at the camera

"Achieving a degree and pursuing higher education not only positions my family in a better place financially, but it also sets a precedent for my children."

Omar Williams
CCAMPIS Participant
Amilee Turner smiling at the camera

"The student-parent community here is growing and there are people working for you to help get you what you need and complete your degree."

Amilee Turner
CCAMPIS Participant